What is the Official Registry of Public Relations Consultants?
It's a vibrant business exchange where Registry-approved employers can seek out, interact with and possibly hire experienced, vetted public relations consultants. It's the premier place where PR consultants can showcase their talents and services within a dynamic community of other PR consultants for the purpose of connecting with and pitching new clients.

Dennis Spring is the founder of the Official Registry of PR Consultants. He is also president of Spring Associates, Inc., a PR executive search firm established in 1980 and since 1996 has been publishing the Official PR Salary & Bonus Report.

As a PR consultant or employer, do I have to be approved?
Yes.  Employers want to know that they will be dealing with qualified, bona fide PR professionals and PR consultants want to pitch prospective employers who have the authority to hire independent PR consultants.

How much experience does one need to be approved?
For consultants, a minimum of three years experience with a bona fide corporation, PR firm or nonprofit organization is a good starting point.  For employers, current employment with a bona fide agency, corporation or nonprofit with the authority to hire outside consultants will suffice.

Is the Registry restricted to employers in the Public Relations industry only?
No. Employers from any industry are welcome to become a Registry-approved employer.

How do you determine if an employer or consultant is qualified?
All applications are carefully evaluated to determine membership eligibility. We reserve the right to contact the employer or consultant for clarification or additional information when necessary.

Why all the fuss about employers and consultants being qualified?
We want to maintain a high level of integrity, and not waste anyone’s time. That said, the Registry is designed to be a marketplace where PR professionals won't have to worry about spending their valuable time speaking with people who lack the requisite credentials to have a meaningful dialogue about PR projects. In the sales/marketing world, that's known as qualifying the prospect. We do the qualifying, so that the match-making begins with a substantive discussion of how the two parties might work together.

Why are the Consultant Profiles so extensive?
The Consultant Profile is designed to give the consultant full latitude in the expression of their skills, credentials and overall experience. Obviously, those who are more experienced will have more samples and links to offer prospective employers. The beauty of the Consultant Profile is that it can be updated as a consultant’s business expands or evolves with new clients and projects.

What types of projects can I expect to get?
All types. Employers can offer any type of project(s) that they need to any of our member consultants. That means one-time projects, plus longer-term retainer projects as well. Members can fully expect to pitch for writing gigs, special events and social media campaigns, to name a few - there is no limit.

How will prospective employers and consultants learn about the Registry?
Maximum exposure is our goal for employers and consultants alike. There will be an ongoing direct email and social media campaign to reach out to PR professionals in PR firms, corporations and nonprofit organizations both in the U.S. and abroad. We encourage you to tell your colleagues to sign up and augment our efforts to make the Registry the most dynamic and effective PR consultant resource anywhere.

As an employer, do I have to hire a consultant in order to use the Registry of PR Consultants?
No. You are free to just browse as you would in any marketplace and take action only as needed. The Registry will continue to grow and evolve as more consultants become members, and as new features are added to the marketplace. So, we encourage you to keep coming back as your future business needs arise.

Who sets the project fees between consultant and employer?
Payment and contract details are established by mutual agreement between the employer and the consultant. They are private negotiations. After more than thirty years of executive recruitment of PR professionals, we are happy to make ourselves available to either party for guidance regarding a particular project or issue … at no charge.

Does the Registry charge any fees or commissions on transactions resulting from a match?
No. Eventually, we will only charge a semi-annual or annual membership fee to consultants. Registry-approved employers do not pay a fee to access the Registry.

What if an employer needs more specialized assistance in tracking down a consultant?
Not a problem. Spring Associates, Inc., a leading PR executive search and consulting firm since 1980, is available to conduct specialized searches for full-time and contract workers. In addition, Spring offers counsel on public relations compensation, organizational structure, and a variety of other PR business issues for a fee.

Do you have future plans for the Registry of PR Consultants?
We are already working on multiple features and enhancements, including some premium services, to add to the Registry that will improve the experience for everyone who uses it. And we're open to hearing your comments and feedback, plus any success stories you have that may inspire others in our member community. Stay tuned.